Dear Sökó,


I will start with the important things. I started my journey into the world of music around the age of 11, when I started taking guitar classes in Taiwan on a summer trip to visit my family. I then joined the rock band class at my school, as well as the drumline and choir classes, which led to being in the drumline program at Arcadia High School, one of the best drumline programs in the nation. After high school had ended, my music journey was put on a halt because of responsibilities with school and work, amongst other things. This was a crucial time as I was exposed to and explored a wide array of music. Attending festivals gave me the inspiration to produce again, and feel that amazing feeling of performing for others (of course, while indulging in the hard work behind the scenes).

Fast forward to today, I have dropped out from school about two years ago and have been teaching myself music production, sound design, practicing guitar, training martial arts, doing all the things I actually really love to do. Through training martial arts at a legitimate gym, I have come to find appreciation again for having a mentor. When I have fun and love what I’m doing, I’m the best at it. That is exactly what I am looking for in this job; not only a job, but a mentor to guide me through many aspects of my journey in what I love doing so much—music.


I have had experiences working in a few studio sessions with the drumline, as well as a few sessions I have been to with my producer friends to gain some experience and insight. Other than that, it has mostly been in my own home studio. But other than anything, I’m willing to learn and improve in any way I can!

I will do my absolute best at this job.


Thanks so much for your time,

and with warm regards,

Justin Chen (seejaycee)


  • ableton live
  • Basic Piano
  • Basic Pro Tools
  • Communications and Relations
  • Drums (drumset
  • guitar
  • marching drums)
  • percussion
  • Self-motivated