Hi! I’ve been really interested in getting into the blogging world! Growing up with a family in entertainment, I’ve been programmed to have a special connection with the art of music. Currently as a college student at the University of Arizona, my heart is still in good ol Los Angeles. Going to almost every festival/rave I can get my hands on, this is a lifestyle i’ve loved for the past couple of years. Whether its EDC, Hard, Coachella, Escape, Beyond Wonderland, each event has a unique message, and always brings people together. Aside from that, I spend a lot of my time on Soundcloud. That’s my primary source of music. I love to find up and coming artists, and think to myself, ” Why haven’t these artists been noticed yet!?” Its a daily struggle, lol. Some of the artists that i regularly follow on Soundcloud are people like Carmack, Josh Pan, Oshi, and Sango. Just to name a few! Although I don’t quite produce music yet, I have lots of followers that love to see what I’m reposting each and every day. Check it out!
I would love the opportunity to write some articles for this brand! I think I would be a great addition! Hope to hear from you guys soon! šŸ™‚
Kasey B