I’ve been out of the industry for the past few years as in 2012 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, I spent two years living in Indonesia in that time focusing on my health and still trying to keep a foot in music by helping out friends with touring, events and volunteer work. I had some wonderful opportunities whilst overseas to be involved in the K-pop scene, an online radio station in Perth and a vinyl only independent label in Berlin in 2014.

I moved back to Australia early 2015, and have been in remission for just over one year now. Since my return I’ve been working freelance on weddings, events and a personal concierge service in Byron Bay but I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect role for me to move back into. My main experience stems from agency/touring and events, and I feel with the various roles in both music and other industries, accompanied with my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) that I study part time, that I’m extremely versatile and adaptable to many roles within the industry. I consider myself a hard worker, focused, entrepreneurial, creative, I deal well under pressure and I love being thrown in the deep end with new challenges. I’m currently based in Australia and willing to relocate for the right role.