Something incredible has led me here at this very moment to try everything. Since I’ve learned how to sing. I grew up believing I could be anything I wanted to be, and if I wish hard enough, and dream big enough, the dream that I wish will come true.

Now, I’ve realized that life isn’t a fairytale. Life is messy. Ever since school ended, this whole summer I’ve been told to grow up, wake up, and go make more money. My art will not pay the bills. My dreams are good to have, but I might have to let it go, and you know what I almost did, but then “it” happened again.

I picked up a bass guitar and the spark inside of me lit up. I believed in my dreams, I believed in myself, and look, here we are. There’s nothing more that I want than saving a future kid just like me from giving up on their dreams with one special movie or product or show I help create.

I would really love to get involved with music so that I can learn all there is about music business from a company that has devoted so much to the music industry. I can provide the following:

5+ years of hands-on experience in assistant communications in Entertainment

Knowledge of the latest technology in 3 major entertainment industries

Excellent written and oral communication skills

A passion for music and helping others and a positive attitude.

All I ask is that I’m given the opportunity to earn my place, because if there’s one thing I know, nothing is handed to you, and sometimes we need a great teacher and a little magic to keep moving forward.

From the words of a great machine “I don’t want to survive, I want to live.”

We Will Rise Together.


  • administrative
  • bass guitar
  • Content Producing
  • creative writing
  • digital marketing
  • Game Designer
  • Lyricist
  • music composition
  • Pitching
  • project management
  • public speaking
  • research
  • screenwriting
  • video editing
  • video production
  • Website Design


The University of the Arts

2012-2016 BFA in writing for film and television