Kyle Donald

4820 George Rd Lakeport, CA 95453 707-272-0523
I am a graduating senior in college looking to start a career in the music industry. I am a hard working problem solver that is not afraid of new challenges, and am open to many types of experiences.


RAPtivism Intern, RAPtivism; San Francisco, CA — Summer of 2014

RAPtivism is a global Hip-Hop project spanning 10 countries and 4 continents, highlighting the ways in which culture can actively contribute to universal efforts for freedom and justice. I was the video editor for a documentary about RAPtivists (Hip-Hop artists that are activists in their communities) from around the world who were interviewed on their thoughts about community building, social justice, and oppression. I also helped in various leadership workshops put on by RAPtivism to raise social awareness in youth groups and other community based organizations through the medium of music.

Music Production/Sound Engineering

I have successfully produced/mixed/mastered 3 full Hip-Hop mixtapes. I have taken Music Recording Technology classes throughout my high school career as well as college, having completed the highest level class offered, Advanced Musical Productions and Sound Engineering. I also spent a semester working one on one with the Sound Engineer for one of the Top Hip-Hop artists in Italy, Caparezza.

Genuine Voices Teacher, Genuine Voices; Boston, MA – Summer of 2013

Genuine Voices is a non- profit organization that tries to prevent youth violence and crime by teaching music, musical composition, and computer-based music “sequencing” to hi-risk youth in secure facilities and other educational and institutional settings across the US. I was a teacher that taught at 4 different facilities (about 20 students all together) mainly focusing on teaching Hip-Hop production.

Construction Site Volunteer, Habitat For Humanity, Clear Lake, CA-Summer of 2011

Habitat For Humanity is a non profit organization that helps build and repair homes for low-income families across the US, helping those who cannot afford or do not have the resources for housing. I was a volunteer helping to build the foundation and skeletal structure of houses under construction.
Freestyle/Slam Poetry Club President, Whitman College, WA — 2013 – Present

I founded the Hip-Hop freestyle club at my college, a club that tries to use freestyle as a form of outlet for expression and appreciation of Hip-Hop culture. We put on campus wide events every semester displaying our passion for the art form and the performance aspect to it. I am also president of the Slam Poetry Club, a club centered around appreciating slam poetry and helping develop the skills to write poems. We perform campus wide events that are very popular and go to a national poetry competition (CUPSI) every year, which I am the leader of as well.


Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA — 2012 – Present

Expected Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz Performance), Class of 2016 GPA: 3.34


I have experience with different computer based media programs including Albeton, Logic, Protools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier. I have facility with all social media outlets as well as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I am also a Jazz Pianist, Hip-Hop artist, and Slam Poet.

REFERENCES – available upon request