I have been gogo dancing, cosplaying, and modeling for about 6 years now. I have some experience in aerial hoop art performance. I can perform in flats, heels, boots, and camel 311’s.  I am very artistic and creative, so I have made costumes many times for myself and other performers.


I have performed in NC, SC, and GA. I performed at Imagine Music Festival 2016. Some DJ’s/Producers I have performed for is: Adventure Club, Keys n Kratz, Doctor P, Cosmic Gate, Clicks & Whistles, Crnkn, Cry Wolf, Cyberoptics, Diplo, DJ Dirty, DJ Icey, DJ Volume, heRobust, Huda Hudia, Hyper Crush, Bro Safari, Jackal and Hyde, Lil Jon, Manifesto, Mantis, Megalodon, Mindelixer, Opiu, Panther God, Pyramid Scheme, Rednek, Run DMT, SirensCeol, Sounduo, South Carolina, Str8house, Styles & Complete, Torro Torro, UFO!, Vibesquad & more!