My name is Marco Davì, 25, from Palermo, Italy.
Graduated in Business Economy at the university of Palermo, with a dissertation on music marketing oriented to the online resources.
Currently enrolled at the Dbs Music Berlin where I study sound engineer and electronic music production.
I perform, since I was fourteen, as a dj under the alias Undo, with various dates between italy, Germany and France.
I’m creative and resourceful as in the artistic field as in the workplace.
I am highly reliable and trustworthy and I put the maximum effort to complete each task before the deadline.
I always have a positive attitude while working and living under pressure is not a problem for me .I think that most the task is challenging more interesting is to complete it, as be placed in front of challenges it leads to a great personal growth.
I’m strictly detail-oriented, I know exactly how much the detail is important as the end result, even more important.
This can be seen in my work, whether in the economic or artistic.
One of my strong points is certainly the cooperation and the desire to meet new people, My whole life is full of meetings that have enriched my mind, this means that the collaboration and the discovery of new passions is an obsession for me.
I come from a beautiful city where yet the music world is a little set back, it is important to understand how this world has been a constant challenge for me. I never gave up and I never will do it.
Working in this environment for me is not a goal, is the life.
King reguards

Marco Davì


University of Palermo

2009/2012 Business economy

Dbs Music Berlin

2015/2016 Audio engineer


Vox populi

2015 Internship