I’m 24 years old and I was born in Germany, then my parents moved to Italy, my origins are Italian, even the oldest of when I thought, but this is a whole other story to tell very long to explain. I am very good and quick to learn quickly. I am very creative until the point that the Creativity, is like real. Very ambitious, Ideas infinite, Humble, Sociable, unsympathetic towards the injustices, many of your companies are now famous, thanks to people like me! And that’s becouse you need to take me with you immediately, is an opportunity that you should not refuse!


  • multitalent


The Imperial Campus

2010/2011 Affari/commercio, generale, Accountant & Business EXPERT

I.P.S.S.A.R. E.Mattei

2004/2009 Gestione/Gestore ristoranti, servizi gastronomici e catering, Diploma Triennale


Music Producer

1990 Artist

Composer – Singer -Songwriter – Producer – Design… Multitalent Full Artist