12 Ipil Street, Project 3, Barangay Duyan-duyan, NCR, Philippines 1102
Telephone no. 063 09054980155/ 063 02 2255901 /
Seeking a well known company with a challenging opportunity where I will be able to utilize my ability to communicate and work well with customers and co workers; share my organizational skills; improve my computer skills and continous learning which allows me to enhance my knowledge and have a better future.

1.Bookkeeping- auditing income and expenses report. (daily, monthly and yearly)
2.Accounting knowledge: financial reconciliation, monthly payments for BIR report
3.Accounts payable jobs, accounts receivable jobs.
4.Liaison officer.
5.Finance supervisor, cashiering, billing officer.
6.Payroll specialist- time keeper, payroll officer, process salary loan for employee , application for loan, process monthly salary with deductions from their benefits which are the following: SSS, PAGIBIG, PHILHEALTH AND BIR.
7.Computer skills both software and hardware
8.Data entry skills.
9.Knowledge in computer both software program and hardware (micro soft word, excel, power point, PDF, quick book report, SAP.
10.Attention to details.
11.Organizational skills.

12.Can communicate well with clients and co workers.
13.Strong verbal communication and written reports.
14.Analyst and continous learning.
15.Multi tasking jobs like answers phone, scans, encoding, receives documents and coordinates with other department.
16.General clerk for filing, sorting, email reports, sorting, transmitting, scanning, printing and submitting reports.

Professional experience
January 1, 2008 up to present
Book keeper (free lance/self employed)

•Supports companies on Legal case for government compliance.
•Consultant, Payroll analyst.
•Prepares, computes payroll benefits for employers monthly government compliance.
•Accounting jobs/ Accounts receiving clerk, accounts payable clerk.
•Liaison officer.
•General clerk.
•Payroll specialist/ Process documents for SEC, Legal cases, BIR, DTI, SSS, PHIC and PAGIBIG membership and other related matter.
•Handles payroll for encoding and salary computations for employees’ benefits/ payroll specialist.

Marikina St. Vincent General Hospital
35 Bayan-bayanan Avenue, Concepcion I, Marikina City

April 27, 2011- April 30, 2011
Book keeper-auditor

•Monitors daily, weekly and monthly income and expenses.
•Reconcile financial statements, misrepresentation of cash income and other income resources.
•Preparing statement of accounts for tax deduction from medical practitioners’ fees, BIR 2307.
•Finance supervisor/ deposit sales income.
•Performing accounts receivables and accounts payable jobs.
•Releasing approved budget for expenses and cash advance of employees
•Reports direct to Medical Director and Chief Nurse.*The Heads*
•Assisting stock man in receiving Stocks.
•HR payroll analyst; releasing salaries of employees and Payroll Staff.
•Trouble shoot computer problems.(*software and hardware solutions*
•In charge of keeping and releasing all professional fees of all medical practitioners of the hospital/company.
•Perform the duty of general clerk like: transmitting, filing, sorting, emailing and scanning report.o
•Generates reports and memos for the improvement of company’s procedure and policy.
•In charge of depositing all cash and checks income for safe keeping.
•In charge of cash distribution from employees to expenses to be paid as well as releasing checks for payments.
•Customer relation’s officer.
•Coordinates with other departments whenever there’s a problem encountered.

•IT staff/ trouble shoot problems regarding computer hardware and software problem.

100 Junniper Street, Jasper, Alberta, Canada T0E 1E0
Telephone no. 1-800-661-1315
Email address: www.tonquininn.comm
February 2, 2007 – November 11, 2007
House keeper/House keeper Supervisor.

•Laundry woman.
•Housekeeper supervisor

Olymel Flamingo
5641 7550 40th Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
October 21, 2005 – December 21, 2006
Meat cutter

•Separate intestines, heart lungs from the hog meat.
•Meat cutter
•Labeling pork meat.
•Packaging back ribs, tenderloin and other part of pork meat.
•Weighing back ribs, tender loin, and other part of pork meat.
DBP Service Corporation
Assigned at Social Security System Cubao Branch, Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone no. 01163-02-913-7218/01163-02-913-7219/01163-02-913-7220.
May 3, 1999 – November 2, 2005

General Clerk

•File; sorting; transmitting; email; print and scan memos and reports.
•Answer telephone inquiries.
•ID captured workstation operator.
•Reliever in receiving salary loan, maternity benefits, approved maternity notification, R3 collection list, salary loan application, specimen card.
• Verify clients’ record through computer.
•Coordinator of seminar held within the Branch.
•Received documents from private employees and private employers.
•Computes penalty for delinquent employers.
•File cases documents.
System Technology Institute/STI College
Cubao Branch, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
July 2000- December 31, 2000
•Computer Programming and Operations

National College of Business and Arts
Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
October 1984-October 1986

•Business Administration (under graduate)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines,
Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines
June 1980-April 6, 1986

•Bachelor in Tourism

Quirino High School
Molave Street, Project 3, Quezon City, Philippines 1102
June 1976-April 1980


Project 3 Elementary School
Molave Street, Project 3, Quezon City, Philippines 1102
June 1970-April 1976


Social Security System (SSS)
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
October 28-October 30, 2002

ID Captured Workstation Operator

Civil Service Commission

•Career Service Sub Professional
◦Date issued- December 17, 1983
◦Date taken- July 18, 1982
◦Place issued- Quezon City
◦Score- 71.92
•Data Encoder
◦Certificate Eligibility no. – 26130835
◦Date issued- August 10, 2004
◦Place issued-Civil Service Commision, Quezon City

Seel Hotelier
Housekeeping and Food and Beverage Preparation


  • accounting jobs
  • auditing
  • baking
  • bookkeeping
  • cashier
  • encoding
  • housekeeping supervisors
  • meat cutterter


Bachelor in Tourism

June 1980/April 1984 Ticketing/Sales/Tour Guide

STI College Cubao

June 2000 up to December 31, 2000 Computer Programming and Basic Operation

NCBA/ National College of Business Administration

October 1984/October 1986 Accounting jobs


Power Rock Trading/Trisha Enterprises/Sta Monica General Hospital

January 2008 up to present Bookkeeping

I am a bookkeeper in 3 Companies as a freelance officer.

Marikina St Vincent General Hospital

April 2011 up to April 2014 Auditor

Decore Hotel/Tonquin Inn

February 2, 2007/November 11, 2007 Housekeeper/housekeeping Supervisor

I became the best employee for three consecutive months because of my hard work. I went home because I am out of status.

Olymel /5641 7550 40th Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

October 21, 2005 up to December 2006 Meat Cutter

DBP Service Corp.

May 3, 1999 up to November 11, 2005 Genereal clerk/reliever in receiving documents as frontliners/ID captured operator at SSS Cubao Branch

I am a DBP officer assigned to work at Social Security System Cubao Branch for six years and six months.