My name is Marshall Darey, I am 27 years old and have been living in New York City for the past year and a half with the intention to stay. My past have involved entertainment in form of

the dance and music industry which I think have a saying in who I am. I love being creative, and coming up with ideas and solutions is something I would gladly get involved in. Moreover I am a great communicator and have no problem working in group as well as taking on tasks by myself. I have confidence in calling myself an employee of high work ethics and excellent learning skills.

Experience Inventory, Wis International; New York, NY – 2013-2014

Seasonal job as inventory counter for various warehouses and companies ranging from grocery stores to high-end fashion retailers.

Entrepreneur/Dance Instructor, Run Jit LLC; Detroit, MI – 2010-Present

As one of the founders of the company I was highly involved in marketing, branding and building up a customer network. Further scheduling and booking performances in addition to being a mentor and dance instructor for children up to the age of 18 was a few of my tasks. Today I am involved from a distance and is more involved in operations and marketing the brand and new events.

Manager, Domus Vita; Westland, MI – 2008-2010

Executed administrative duties such as operating schedules, holding staff meetings, and administered paperwork such as employee write-ups and incident reports. In addition I was responsible for training employees on various in-home service plans, protocol, health and safety hazards

Direct Care Worker, Community Choices; Redford, NY – 2009-2011

Mentored clients in time management, budgeting, healthy eating habits, hygiene and anger management. Counseled individual clients through problem solving and handled communication in the case of disability.