• Creative and detail oriented Audio Engineer with experience in producing, recording, mixing and mastering of electronic, rock, hip-hop, pop, and metal . Proficient in running live sound as a Front of House engineer. Outstanding product knowledge of pro audio equipment with experience in sales.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Graduate of SAE Institute with high level of experience in analog and digital consoles
    Proficient in the operation of audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering in popular DAWs (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic) as well as the operation of a wide variety of software plug-ins from Waves, Universal Audio, Native Instruments, iZotope and more
  • Experienced in musical analysis and composition demonstrated though different avenues of musical production including but not limited to song-writing, mixing and mastering across a wide variety of genres
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment producing high quality results


  • Head Audio Engineer & Personal Assistant at Pulse Music New York City, New York 2015-Present
    Ran and assisted tracking sessions of full bands, orchestras, drummers, guitar and bass players, singers, hip-hop artists, spoken word vocalists and more
    Mixed and mastered as well as assisted mixing and mastering of songs of different multiple different genres including but not limited to; Rock, Electronic, Pop, Metal, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, as well as shorts for commercials
    Provided various forms of studio maintenance involving but not limited to; recalibrating outboard gear, rewiring a full-sized commercial recording studio, deconstructing and reconstructing various pieces of outboard gear, re-soldering faulty connections on cables, guitar and other various forms of wires, troubleshooting computer issues/swapping hard drives, and more
    Experience constructing various pieces of outboard gear from start to finish (ordering various electrical components (resistors, capacitors, etc.), soldering said components to circuit boards and assembly of unit as a whole)
    Restrung guitars, changed pick-ups, as well as other forms of guitar maintenance
  • Freelance Audio Engineer 2014-Present
    Ran recording sessions for music and spoken word/poetry artists based out of the greater NY Metropolitan area
    Mixed and mastered songs for independent artists throughout various genres of music
  • Independent Music Producer & DJ for LeParc Records New York City, New York 2013-Present
    Responsible for composing, mixing and mastering original songs, collaborations and remixes monthly
    Assisted front of house engineer run sound and troubleshoot technical problems prior to DJ sets at numerous venues across the greater New York Metropolitan area
    Worked within major DAWs to design sound through multiple synthesizer plug-ins
  • Guitar Center Orange, CT 2014-2015
    Manager of Pro Audio Department
    Responsible for managing sales associates to deliver optimum results
    Outstanding product knowledge and excellent customer service
    Met and exceeded monthly sales goals even during low store traffic and off seasons


  • ableton
  • audio engineering
  • EDM Production
  • pro tools


SAE Institute of Technology

Started in November 2013/Finished July 2014 Diploma in Audio Technology Program

Completed a 9 month, full-time, audio engineering program

University of South Florida

Started January 2012/Ended in December 2012 Completed 1 year

Completed 30 credits in general liberal arts studies

Southern Connecticut State University

Started January 2011/Ended Decenber 2011 Completed 1 year

Completed 30 credits in general liberal arts studies


Pulse Music

September 2015/Currently Employed Audio Engineer

Head Audio Engineer and Head of the internship program at Pulse Music, as well as personal assistant to the owner of the studio