Dear Hiring Manager,

With ten years of bartending experience, I’ve worked in a range on bars over the years, frombars in college towns to night clubs on the Jersey Shore to lounges and restaurants where
I’ve been able to learn and absorb a lot about classic and craft cocktails. I also work a lot of
private parties in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills where I’m constantly trying to expand
my skill as a talented bartender and mixologist who works on his own recipes and variations
of classic and contemporary drinks. This also gives me an opportunity to expand my network so I can bring a wide variety of customers to any establishment I work at.

Hospitality really does come first for me. I grew up in Italian restaurants in New Jersey
where family really is the most important aspect of every local business and my father also owns a jewelry store where I’ve been working as a kid where I’ve watched him go about making customized pieces for engagements, anniversaries and other important moments in people’s lives. This training has not only taught me the value of customer service but to appreciate what it means to have someone welcome you into their lives as more than just aa busines relationship.

I work hard, I’m very determined and my integrity means everything to me. I’m constantlys studyingor practicing or working on new drinks or ways to make drinks that separates mef rom other bartenders. Thanks to my steady supply of work as a mobile bartender I also gett o regularly apply my training to real world circumstances and I’m always asking customersa and clients for feedback.

The enclosed resume fully outlines the value I can provide to your organization. Also, please
check out to read some verified reviews from customers.


Michael David Fleitell


Southwestern Law School

2009-2012 J.D.

University of Vermont

2004-2008 B.A.