Passion and dedication is a powerful combination.

The festival planning industry is the career path I have been passionate about for many years. I strive to learn as much as I can about this industry. My experiences has given me the skill to perform well in the event’s fast-paced and stressful environment. I joined organizations with the intention of planning and coordinating events. I interned with companies that I felt would teach me more about this industry.

Currently, I am seeking employment opportunities within the music events industry.


San Diego State University

May 2015 Emphasis in Meetings & Events



Aug 2014 - Present Executive Assistant

• Create staff schedule and regulate activities on event days.
• Coordinates and facilities all planning aspects of events such as restrooms, VIP areas, entrances,
security, staff, etc.
• Develop, organize, and maintain working relationships with booking agencies.
• Negotiation and management of contracts with contractors and agencies.
• Assist the production manager, provide transportation service, run tasks for the team.