I building studio and label for release my instrumental release for my indie musician artist from Rostov-on-Don Russia. .I played with Russian producer BMB Spacekid ( Sony music, Soulection, Fat Beats. Raumskaya ( hyperboloid, Beryoza )., EL Ched ., Jhasteez ( Dubraw ) and more local soundengeenier . Education with Saint – Petesburg

and Berkley ., Released Smooth rnb album , and now make promote and record local artist for work and upgrade sound level in my city and south RUSSIA .

And would like to work all over the world with artists of your label, produce products, mix and master (Examples on my site) . Thank you for you time



  • AKAI MPD 32
  • Create Events
  • Live Set
  • Make Education System
  • Tea.


New Tone Academy ( Saint Petersburg ) RU

2016 / 06 - 2016 / 08 Sound media engineer

Education all studio sound process , make events and record / mixing artist. Make live set and show

Berkley Online ( USA )

2017 Music production and distribution

All distribution and make more music . I know when i dont have teaching and go to school every day

Stanciya Mir

2017 and now Media Producer + General record engineer.

I building studio in Rostov on Don , and create sound courses for education local people and make high level for sound in my city. Now i create house / disco album for premiere in worldwide with live artist.