OBJECTIVE: ​​Producer of Creative Content in the fast-paced intersection of media, entertainment and technology. Over seven years of experience working across the USA (Houston, Los Angeles, Austin) and traveling globally ( London, Ethiopia, Israel) to implement projects and events. Skills include project management, film production, branding, team-building, problem-solving, storytelling and developing creative concepts.

Creative Director & Film Producer – Luol Deng Foundation

●  Directed, produced & successfully increased brand awareness for South Sudan Unite – Generated from 300 to 30,000 people in 1-year
●  liaise and discussed projects with financial backers
●  hire key staff, including a full production crew to shoot programmes, films or videos
●  control the budget and allocate resources – 2 consective years I managed to keep production and marketing

cost underbudget and exceed goal.
●  organize shooting schedules – dependent on the type of producer role and availability of support staff
●  supervise the progress of the project from production to post production

Director of Admissions – Concordia University Texas
●  Responsibile for successfully meeting enrollment goal within a year that attributed to $18,705,000 of revenue.
●  Managed and increased a staff from 7 to 12 admissions recruiters/counselors within the span of 6 months due to higher

volume activity and to meeting enrollment goals.
●  Responsible for recruitment planning in alignment with university enrollment strategies to achieve enrollment goals in

all student populations.
●  Lead the admissions team through hiring of staff, training, day-to-day supervision, regular meetings, professional

development and regular assessment.
●  With input from stakeholders and campus leadership, developed annual enrollment funnel targets in alignment with

institutional strategic plan.
●  In coordination with the AVP of Enrollment, succesfully assisted in the development of annual recruitment and

marketing plans for traditional program.
●  Oversaw the admissions decision-making policies and processes, assisted in the reviewing of files for admission and

leading the admission review committee.
●  Oversaw and evaluated enrollment recruitments events and strategies including program effectiveness, assess outcomes,

determine cost analyses, and develop improved programming to achieve enrollment goals.
●  Analyzed and interpreted historical and current data to assess all enrollment trends at Concordia, while keeping abreast

of national and local trends.
Producer//On-Air Personality/Editor/Social Media Manager/Trinity Broadcasting Network- ​​Tustin, CA

●  Producer/On-Air Personality/Writer for JUCE TV Takeover on TBN Saturday nights, 10pm-2am

○  Sucessfully created programming that that reached over 19.6 million homes worldwide
○  Successfuly pioneered, co-hosted and co-produced the highest rated show for JUCE TV;

“The JUCE TV Take-Over”
●  Successfully strategized, wrote, produced and lead a production crew to create a five-part

30-minute television special & 1-hour documentary in Israel for TBN Salsa
○ Reched over 19.6 million homes. Highest viewed television series on TBN Salsa

● Lead Floor Dirctor for most watched live program on TBN, “Praise”

○  manage the audience, e.g. explaining safety requirements, show timings and what will

happen during filming and when the programme will be aired
○  kept the director and producer informed of action off-camera
○  assisted in the planning and preparation of productions



○  oversaw the work of other departments, such as sound, lighting and props
○  gave cues and time counts to presenters, actors or guests
○  organized runners to make the best use of studio time
○  looked ahead in the programme schedule to anticipate any changes to the set, or to see

what props are required later in the show

Creator, Director, Producer, Editor, Marketing of The Diaspora Journal, Independent Documentary Film
●  Accomplished fundraising $20,000, conducted production meetings, monitored budgets. script-writing, director of an 8-man production crew in Ethiopia for on-site production, Lead Editor
●  Director of Marketing for a world-wide documentary screening tour, 30 cities

​Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Concordia University Irvine
●  Oversaw and implemented digital and social strategies for the University’s target market
●  Created, lead and accomplished significant growth across all University Admissions digital platforms within a

●  Video Producer: Directing/Editing/Sound/Camera Operations/Director of Photography
●  Recruited built, and maintained relationships with 100 prospective students a year; which equated to

$4,000,000 of revenue for the institution.

​Creator, Writer, Director, Editor, Marketing, Producer ​​– Sincerley, Ethiopia- Independent Documentary Film

●  Nominated Best Documentary of 2014 by African Movie Academy Awards
●  Director of Marketing for a world-wide documentary screening tour, 50 cities
●  Lead fundraising, conducted meeting, monitored budgets. wrote script, directed 8-man production crew in

Ethiopia for on-site production, co-edited film.
●  8/2014 – 12/2015: ​Masters in Business Administration Marketing​​- Concordia University Irvine
o Management, Accounting, Finance, Strategic Research, Marketing, Effective Communication,

Marketing Comm, Digital Marketing, Negotiations, Leadership & Development ● 2003 – 2008: ​Bachelors in Mass Communications​​- Concordia University Texas

o Human Com, Writing for Mass Media, Persuasive speech, and Group Dynamics, Mass Comm., Media Analysis & Criticism.,Organizational Comm, Video Production I & II.

● Fall 2005: ​Study abroad- Oak Hill Graduate College​​- London, England
o Leadership & Development, British Culture History, Practical Apologetics


  • collaborative
  • creative
  • critical thinking
  • detail oriented
  • innovative
  • nimble
  • problem solving