Antonio Barajas 


[3516 Albany Street, Riverside, California 92503]   [(951) 286-9611]   []

[High School Diploma] — [Arlington High School, Riverside, California]
[Fall 2011— Spring 2015]
[Freshman in college] — [California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino California]
[Starting Fall 2015]
Volunteer Work
[Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful]
[Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful is a non-profit organization which holds projects to clean different parts of Riverside. When I volunteered, we cleaned alongside Fairmount Park. We picked up any waste and also covered up any graffiti on walls.]
[St. Thomas the Apostle]
[In this project, we helped out the church sell Christmas trees to customers. We would also distribute them to peoples’ cars and houses.]

[Hawthorne Elementary School]
[Hawthorne Elementary is located in Riverside California and for a week I helped third grade students during their school day. I would help them with their reading, writing, and homework.]
Honors and Distinction
[State Seal of Biliteracy], [Arlington High School]
[May 28, 2015]
[Scholar Athlete Award], [Arlington High School]
[May 28,2015]
Skills and Abilities
Bilingual (English and Spanish)

Strong ability to organize and stay organized

Able to work well in a team as well as individually

Great communication and social skills to easily understand customers and work with my team

Able to work under pressure and quickly adapt to it

Ability to multitask and stay on task





California State University San Bernardino

Fall 2015 Freshman