Nkulu Mixstar

Mobile number: +27 72 210 9759
Telephone number: +27 31 464 1212
Postal address: E211 Mnyamana Road
Email address:


Full Names : Mr Nkululeko Eric Mazibuko
Known as: Nkulu Mixstar
Nationality & ID No: South African – 850503 5629 088
Languages: IsiZulu & English (Speak, read and write)
Passion: Music
I believe there are endless possibilities which await me. I am driven daily by my aspirations and values which guide me in all interactions in life. I am continually looking for ways to improve my strengths to bring my goals to fruition. I am made of what I have been through in life and of what I want to be in future. I also believe that to make my life better I do not only have to get along with people in order to get what I desire, but I need to nurture strong relationships, thus I believe strongly in “never burning the bridge”.


Last school attended: Sparks Estate Secondary (2003),
Obtained Matric Senior Certificate


Name of Institution: UNISA
Course: B.Acc Degree (2005-2006)
(studies cut short to follow my passion, ie. a career in the music industry)

Course: Sound Engineering Certificate (2008)

Course: Music Production Certificate (Current)


Name of Organisation : Red Cap Radio
Training/Course : Music Management Training
Duration : 2 Months (2010)
Contact Person : Marcel Sapet
Contact Number : 031 – 310 8566 (office Number)
082 7705001 (cell)


Relevant Computer literacy – MS office
Compilation Software: Stationplaylist Creator, BPM Studio


Name of Company : Continuous Communications
Position: Music Consultant
Period: April 2013 – current
Duties: Envisioned the creation of the company’s new Music Databases and started a relationship with record labels
Restructured the Music Survey
Managing of the music databases
Music Quality Checks
Creation of brand specific music databases for new clients
Responsible for the resolution of all music issues
Continuously improving the music database using the feedback from the music quality checks and issues
And also currently assisting with the developing of the new ConCom Content manager and player

Some top brands that I currently oversee:
 Toys R US
 Spar (South Africa, Namibia & Botswana)
 Build It
 Hirsch’s
 Tekkie Town
 Boxer Superstores
 Cambridge Food
 Rhino Cash & Carry
 OK Stores
 Wakaberry
 Kinky
 Mica
 Choppies

Name of Company: Durban Youth Community Radio
Station (DYR105.1fm)

Position: Music Compiler/Librarian and Producer
Period: September 2008 – May 2010
Duties: Compiling the station’s music playlist
Ensure good relationship with the Record Companies on behalf of the station.
Carry out instructions given by the Music Manager and Programme Manager
Produce the chart shows
Manage the music library
Pro-actively source local and International music (exclusives & remixes)
Softwares: Stationplaylist Creator, BPM Studio
Name of Company: M-Studios
Position: Sound Engineer
Period: March 2008 –August 2008
Duties: Production for Durban Youth Radio
Recording, Stings, Jingles, Adverts, Promos
Reason for leaving: Contract with Durban Youth Radio
expired and I was offered a position in their
music department.


Nkulu Mixstar is one of only a handful of DJ’s that is successfully crossing over the stereotyped market segments in the Durban clubbing and events scene, and is reaching audiences across the market demographics through his unique understanding and love of music, and his passion to move a crowd!
In 2008 Nkulu Mixstar ventured into compiling and resourcing music for Durban based radio station Durban Youth Radio 105.1fm. It is this background that gave him the advantage and edge over other local DJ’s, as he developed an understanding of what audiences wanted and enjoyed.
His club music style can be classified as electro & house, which can be divided into various genres; Commercial, Tech and Dirty Dutch, however Mixstar is equally comfortable “mixing up” his style for corporate and special functions by working with, and compiling music that suites his client.
This professional understanding makes him a key figure at his regular venues, as well as at special functions, where he sets the mood and atmosphere, boosting sales, and ensuring people come back to a place they can enjoy themselves, some of these venues include:
 Bonkers Night Club (Florida Road)
 Raffles Night Club (Umhlanga Rocks)
 Max Institute of Fashion Art-Gateway
 FTV Umhlanga
 FTV Florida Road
 Harvey Wallbangers Durban North
 Joe Kools
 News Cafe Umhlanga
 The Fusion Room KwaMashu
 Tilt Durban
 Plush Ultra Lounge Springfield Park
 Durban Summer Break (ABSA Stadium)

He has also worked alongside many well-known and respected DJs and performers such as:

 Matt James
 Miss Clur
 Black Coffee


“I have had the pleasure of working with Nkululeko for about 2 years.
What I like about him:
An honest hardworking guy who does a couple of things far better than most people I know. Like, being able to clearly and intelligently work through client’s music and service requirements over the phone, no matter how difficult the client. He is not intimidated by anyone.
He trusts his own instincts, for a young guy this is priceless. This has helped us to sell our in-store radio station service with conviction. We don’t have to double check that he knows what is required.
He is also into other people’s stuff first. Meaning that he is interested in what you have to say first. If there is time after that, he will share something of himself with you.
As head of new business development for ConCom, I have found Nkulu to be a solid service provider, able to adapt quickly to a diversity of client requirements. Since his appointment 2 years ago, the quality of our music offering has improved by 500%.
An open, honest, caring and highly capable person.”

– Nick Carroll, Business Development at Continuous Communications


Ms Michelle Horsefield
Financial Director At Continuous Communications
Contact number: 031-313 3800

Mr Marcel Sapet
Station & Production Manager At Red Cap Radio
Contact number: 031-310 8566/ 082 770 5001

Miss Suzie Mockridge
Owner of Max Institute Of Fashion Art
Contact number:031 566 3247 /082 307 6981

Nkulu Mixstar
I’m the music man to brands that have an idea how they should sound; I help them get there!