My name is Steven Andrew Camacho.

 I have worked in the oil field for over 7 and a half years, 5 of those years were with Coil Tubing Services. I worked 8 months offshore, from working hard and looking for something more, I was offered an office position as a asst. coordinator. 

   I have always loved EDM music, I listen to it on my way to work and gym, and I have attended a few music festivals as well. I am looking for a career change and would love do get into this industry  and actually do something I’m really into. I am a very dedicated and hard worker. I complete the task that I’m assigned and can work with anyone.

   Im hoping to get my foot into the door and start my forever job in this industry and take off and grow with your company. 

   Thank you for your time.


            Steven Camacho


  • computer literate
  • people skills
  • work ethic