Quinn Marvin

– School Experience At: Belmont University, West Virginia University, Maryland Institute College of Art (currently enrolled)

Experience in : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Studio Lighting, Film Photography (developing and printmaking), Digital Photography, Videography, Adobe Premiere.


I believe I would be best for this internship because I am very familiar with Fool’s Gold artists and the music industry. I previously was obtaining a Bachelor’s in Music Business in hopes that I would be able to work A&R but after a sudden change in direction I am now enrolled at an arts college pursuing a degree in photography. I have been to many Fool’s Gold events in the past and have photographed the Fool’s Gold Day Off 2018 in Queens last summer. I have housing in New York and have many connections to the underground scene and arts scene. I have experience in video editing as well as videography and analog and digital photography.




  • photography
  • photoshop
  • studio lighting