A bedroom EDM producer from Mumbai, India also known as Downhall.

Highly qualified professional with extensive experience in acoustic design and production. Hands-on knowledge of digital and analog recording, editing, and mixing equipment. Comprehensive knowledge of various music genres. Proficient in studio techniques. Organized, professional, excellent project manager. Technically accomplished producer with knowledge of budgeting and financial concerns. Excels at coordinating technical, creative, and logistic aspects of managing a music project. Effective leader who coordinates staff to produce great results every time.


  • ability to work under pressure
  • Commutation
  • Decision making.
  • technical
  • time management


Century Rayon High School

2004-2014 S.S.C

C.H.M College

2014-16 H.S.C

SoundIdeaz Academy

2017-18 Diploma in Sound Engineering



Pursuing Music producer


Pursuing Ghost producer