Rasec Marc A.  Ortega

1021 S Golden West Ave. Unit D Arcadia

Tel# 424.362.4547



To insinuate early exposure in the professional domain to expand sensibility and competency for the future



DeVry University – Network and Communications Engineering (Nov 2012- 2014)
Entertainment Career Connections – Audio Recording and Music Production Course Curriculum-Certificate (Sept 2011- May 2012)
Musician’s Institute – Guitar performance




Sound Engineer

Operated a complete film audio signal chain from mic to TASCAM
Created and edited a foley to a picture lock
Wrote and produced a soundtrack to enhance video impact
Supervise quality of dialogue, foley and music


Pre Production

Organized schedules and timeframe for music video shots
Worked with excel to prepare production logistics
Involved in creating storylines and established alignment in vision and emotion


Production Assitant

Well informed in film terminologies from lights to camera
Capable of moving heavy objects according to advice


Post Production

Edited music videos using Final Cut
Mixed and mastered foley and music to coordinate with the picture



Studio Recording

Setting up microphone routing in preparation for recording and,         observing the signal chain from computer to audio.
Setting up drum sets with full-patched and well routed microphones ready to be recorded.
Used Pro Tools 8, Digidesign Control 24 mixer, a huge selection of microphones such as: SM 57, Avantone cv-10, AKG ‘s, Rode’s etc.
Plug ins: SSL plugins, Izotope, Bomb Factory, Avalon, Neve, Melodyne
Preamps: Avalon, Focusrite, API, Presonus


Live Set Up

Handled a mixboard and adjusted levels for FOH quality
Played with a live band at night clubs and restaurant venues for weddings, birthdays and other occasions.



Computer MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Server POS System
Adobe, Graphics, Sound system mixman and technician for live band.
Plays the guitar, piano, ukulele, drums and bass
Fluent in English, Tagalog and Visaya (dialect in Philippines)



Available upon request