Robert Allen

4916 Sharon Rd

Temple Hills, MD, 20748

202 – 306 – 7918



Seaman in the United States Coast Guard. I served as a qualified watch stander in charge of the stations communications. I would be the first point of contact with all civilian and military personal. I was also near the end of qualifying as boat crew member on the stations main assets the 47ft motor lifeboat. Highly trained in towing, person-in-the-water recovery, rescue, assistance, firefighting and air operations such as emergency helicopter hoisting. I communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Leading and managing diverse staff of professionals fostering teamwork focused toward overall mission accomplishment.

Country of citizenship: United States of America

Veterans’ Preference: 05 – points, United States Coast Guard, 10/25/2016 – 11/13/2017

Highest Grade Held: Seaman/E-3, 12/22/2016 – 11/13/2017



Communications / Boat crew trainee 01/03/2017-11/13/2017

U.S. Coast Guard Grade Level: E-3

Supervisor: BM1 Churchill (541) 271-2138 Hours Per Week:  40+

Salary: $900/biweekly

As a watch stander my duties are primarily to respond to the radio for mariners in need of assistance or distress. I was highly trained to deal with stressful situations in a high-paced environment. On the evening shift (Night comms) after the station would pass radio guard over to the sector next to us, me and the supervisor would have to have satellite phones in case there were any mariners that had an emergency during the night, if they did we would have to get up and send a boat crew to assist. I would be logging everything that’s taking place such as assets going out and all crew members, locations and monitor radio actives. Boat crew is where I learned and developed most of my skills as its very important for the station.

COMMUNITCATED EFFECTIVELY, BOTH ORALLY AND IN WRITING forms managed communication with the public, Entrusted with access to the keys of stations  government vehicles, and to transfer of information to the commanding officer of the station. Maintained orderly front desk operations and acted as a liaison for military personnel, mariners and visitors with general questions regarding the station’s standard operating procedures. Managed the stations cell phone and text message notifications account and addressed weather conditions and restrictions on the river bar via radio broadcast.

BOAT CREW TRAINING has prepared me for any emergency from fire on board a vessel, to needing to conduct CPR on someone on board. We often conduct helicopter training in case someone is in critical condition and needs to be airlifted out. During one search and rescue mission I was a forward lookout for our vessel, when we got on scene it was around 11pm, 50 nautical mile offshore. We got a distress call from a fishing vessel because one of its crew members had a heart attack and was in critical condition. With the cooperation and teamwork from all the 4 of us we successfully got 2 boat crew members to boarded their fishing vessel and render aid to the fisherman. I helped with transporting him from their boat to ours and then inside the basket to be airlifted to the helicopter.

DEPLOYMENT IN OREGON at a fully operational Search and Rescue station comprised of  30 guardsmen, ready to go anywhere in the Oregon coast in our area of responsibility within 6 hours.

TRAINING AND CONDUCTED training is one of the backbones of  US Coast Guard. That’s why we train and test our equipment everyday to make sure it’s “always ready”, One a month a non-rate such as myself would have to present a training powerpoint on new policy or historical events that our related to our search and rescue operations to the crew during our morning brief.

FIREARM PROFICIENCY during my basic training in Training Center Cape May I was awarded the ribbon of marksman with the service pistol DAK P229. I scored 2nd highest in my company.

Security Guard 09/01/2018-Current

E. House Executive Security Professional Salary: $11.50/h

4710 Auth Pl #420, Camp Springs, MD 20746 Hours Per Week:  45+

Supervisor:  Cpl. Disu, 202-864-9329

OBSERVATION AND REPORTING is the fundamental to be a guard, always being observant and watching your surroundings, letting dispatch or your supervisor know if there are any abnormal activities going on. Report writing is founding principles to this job. I log everything that happens from the time it took place to where and why it happened to begin with.

SECURING PREMISES, PERSONAL & PATROLLING PROPERTY by monitoring surveillance equipment such as CCTV; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry. Worked alongside police and secret service to ensure the security of private events. With the help of secret service we secured the national cathedral for vice president Mike Pence during the christmas service.

RESPOND QUICKLY TO DISORDER OR CRISIS  I have responded to many calls from as far as missing children, fights breaking out, carjacking and bomb threats. I’m trained to deal with and deescalate the situation. I got a call for a fight breaking out in the tattoo parlor once, when me and my partner got on scene we secured the area and I render aid to one of the victims. He got pistol whipped and robbed at gunpoint and his vehicle was also stolen. We noticed our dispatch and the off duty officer that was working with us helped and took control of the situation. I luckily had a first aid kit attached to my plate carrier at the time. I applied pressure to his open wound and wrapped a bandage around his head, making sure he was still awake and talking until EMS arrived.


Prince George Community College

301 Largo Rd, Largo, MD 20774

May 2019

Locksmithing Certificate (101, 102, 201 & 202)

Crossland High School

6901 Temple Hills Rd, 20748

June 2016



Certified in Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray)

Expanded Baton & Handcuffing

Qualified with Glock 17 (9mm)


District of  Columbia Armed Special Police Officer

Firearm and Security Training Center

5211 Auth Rd, Suite 101

Camp Springs, MD 20746

March 2019

Prince George County Police Explorers Post 1004

5135 Indian Head Highway

Oxon, Maryland 20745

October 2014 – Present