Robert Taylor Watson III who is known to the world as Rob Wottz (watts). Rob Wottz was born in a small city called East St. Louis, ILL. Rob started struggling from day one trying to survive in the streets of East St. Louis. He was raised by his mother whom was a single parent trying to raise two kids on one income. Rob’s father walked out on him and his sister when Rob was born, so the love his mother and sister couldn’t give him Rob started searching for it in other places. Rob found love and attention in the streets as he got older problems continued from being shot at to breaking in people homes and cars. Hopes and dreams were something he thought only comes true for people in movies not in real life. Until one day Rob decided to change his life and started putting his pain and all of his thoughts and emotions on paper. To overcome the megabits in his life he started hanging around positive people and got more involved in making music with his sister Lashunta Nicole Watson also known as Soldierette. Music is in Rob’s heart, mind, and soul he goes to sleep thinking about and wakes up thinking about it. Rob Wottz has also performed in Memphis, Mississippi, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Utah, Colorado and Atlanta. Rob Wottz now lives in St. Louis, MO. Rob Wottz is a very ambitious person who believes in working hard to get what you want in this world. Rob Wottz has been trying to get in this music business on the national scene and each the year he keeps on getting stronger and better and his love and drive for music grows. When that day comes for Rob to shine hopefully the world will be ready for him.


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High Status Entertainment LLC.

2013 Recording Artist/CEO