March 29, 2018


My name is Ryan Patchett. I am interested in becoming a professional music producer and would love the opportunity to study and work for someone who has had experience in the music industry, such as yourself.  Your recording engineer internship position has captured my interest.  My skills and qualifications for this internship include a vast knowledge of knowing how to use digital audio workstations, such as Logic Pro X and DJ/mixing software such as Traktor Pro II.  Using computers and computer software has always come easy to me, as I am both self-taught in using Logic Pro X and Traktor Pro II.  I have been exposed to music and instruments my whole life.  I have also been exposed to performing the piano, guitar, voice, and DJ-ing up-front and on-stage for a great part of my life as well.  I know how a lot of musical equipment and electronic equipment is set up and used for performances, (ex: microphones and monitors).

In regards to using Logic Pro X, I have created several melodies using different EDM sounds and plug-ins, mashed-up several songs together to create a new mix, and edited songs. In regards to using Traktor Pro II, I have used this software to mix and mash songs together when I am performing on stage.  I have had the opportunity to perform as a DJ for my university for different events, including Spring Jam and Battle of the Bands, the two largest events put on by my university.  This has taught me much about DJ-ing in front of a crowd, how to rock a crowd, and how to have a stage presence.  This has also taught me a little bit about the audio side of things, including how a monitor is set up, how some of the technical equipment is worked, etc.  Finally, one quality that I have that sets me apart from everyone else is that I have perfect pitch.  Perfect pitch has been able to help me detect keys of songs, chords, chord progressions, and create melodies.

Some of my qualities as an employee include being a hard worker, a fast learner, a team player, a great communicator, and a great people person.  Included in this application isa copy of my resume with more details regarding some of my work history and musical history and education.

At your convenience, feel free to contact me with any new information regarding this position.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your time.


Ryan Patchett