Marketing/Graphic Designer |  Kennett Design

February 2016 – Present  |  Newark, DE
• Create marketing materials for upcoming events
• Design e-mail blasts and advertisements for social media


Graphic Design Intern |

Winter 2016  |  New York City
• Designed inspiration boards for upcoming projects and patterns used as backgrounds for visual content.
• Developed imagery to accompany article content.


Graphic Designer  |  Tree Butler

October 2015 – January 2016  |  Newark, DE
• Design logo and all branding for start
• In charge of creating website and promotional material.


Graphic Design Intern  |  Webzai

Summer 2014  |  Tel Aviv, Israel
• Developed layouts and designed templates for users of start-up website development platform.


Marketing Intern  |  Jewish Community Center

Summer 2013  |  Baltimore
• Designed advertisements, flyers and videos for Facebook and promotional purposes for key JCC departments including parenting, membership and fitness.


University of Delaware

August 2012 - May 2016 BFA in Graphic Design