Cover letter:


I began my career in Music and Entertainment freelancing for multiple

music journalism platforms, particularly focusing on interviews and copy

editing. After proving my capabilities in talent scouting and editorial

work, I was given the opportunity to work in A&R for an international

electronic music label, Sub-Label Recordings. I managed all promotional

solicitations, demos, and talent scouting for the label’s North American

sector. I helped run administrative tasks and keep the organization of

artist information, prospects and licensing in excellent standard. I also

scouted for potential venues for touring artists, sat in on group meetings

and explored Social Media Coordination within my role as well. The

rapid growth of experiential marketing and digital storytelling created an

explosion of demand for my career path, and I gained fast-paced,

hands-on experience after moving to Los Angeles. I then began working

as an Account Executive at a fine art PR agency, where I handled gallery

bookings, press releases and public events for multiple clients at a time.

My most recent ventures in my career include my work for Axenic

Studio, where I was a Marketing Director. I created content strategies,

calendars, department positions, campaigns, analytics reports and more.

My clients have ranged from Artists to Corporate teams to Startups, and

I’ve executed marketing strategies for a variety of different teams. I

continue to freelance for Axenic today.


Diablo Valley College

Sept. 2012 - May 2015 Journalism