From Employers


1.      Sell MULTIPLE  products to customers, meet and greet, service customers

2.      Delegates and oversees tasks directed by store manager to employees.

3.      Ensure that Warehouse store visual standards are met at all times by ensuring the proper mix and depth in key SKU’s. Ensures that price-point drivers are in place to drive unit sales and liquidate product (i.e., end caps, floor stacks and hash racks are full and properly maintained to standards).

4.      Stamps, marks, or tags price on merchandise.

5.      Obtains merchandise requested by customer or receives merchandise selected by customer.

6.      Answers customer’s questions concerning merchandise.

7.      Totals price and tax on merchandise purchased by customer to determine bill.

8.      Accepts payment and makes change.

9.      Wraps or bags merchandise for customers.

10.  Removes and records amount of cash in register at end of shift.

11.  Calculates sales discount to determine price.

12.  Confer with management to ensure that banking deposits are made daily.

13.  Assist store manager in the development of all employees by training them in the following: heavy amounts of stock processing, pricing of boxes, filling and stocking floor racks and back-stock racks, store maintenance, product knowledge, product placement, store operations, warehouse merchandising standards, warehouse customer service standards, increasing unit sales and all company policies/procedures.

14.  Lead by example and work along-side staff performing work and teaching best practices (i.e., shifting bins and walls of product). Physical work load and manual labor to be performed by management may be heavy (warehouse environment).

15.  Assist store manager in exceeding Comp Sales and/or Sales Plan by training and coaching employees to execute operational efficiencies in order to drive-out a high velocity of units via price point. Ensure customer interaction expectations are focused on driving multi-pair sales.

16.  Opens and closes store as directed by store management.

17.  Ensures that the store is secured at closing (i.e., doors locked, safe locked, alarms are set).