Scott Siegel

Rock and roll raconteur.

In an age of auto tune and cookie cutter songwriting, Scott Siegel stands out effortlessly. He combines classic melodies with sophisticated harmonies and cleaver lyrical content. Scott is equally comfortable with both classic and pop rock. His voice is both powerful and lilting and vaguely reminiscence of Steve Perry, Brandon Boyd, and Roger Daltrey. His music picks up where the great rock bands of yesterday, left off. His debut project, “Oh! so strange,” runs the stylistic gammet. “I love my life,” features Scott as the hero of a youthful rebellion against the heartless pay to play, LA music scene. “Under your bed,” ends with a deftly woven tribute to The Beatles influence on his music. “She’s so sexy,” is a classic rock and roll romp worthy of Little Richard or Mick Jagger. And as the title track attests the life of a rising rock star, can be Oh! So strange, which is fine by us, because his music is anything but boring.