I am I forward-thinking individual with a driving passion for dance music. I got into the Dance Music scene a while back at a local show, and its all I want to be apart of now. In the past year ive began DJ’ing and Producing my own tracks. i’ll provide a link.

I’m not just a DJ though.  I am a People Person. I feel right at home in front of 100,00 people, or in a crowd of 100,000 people. I thrive at Festivals.

I would of course love to DJ professionally, but will take whatever position I can get. I want to grow, Expand. let me do it with you!

the List of Things I Can Help you with is endless. Let Me show you what I can do!


  • DJ
  • event corridination
  • marketer
  • people person
  • producer
  • street teams
  • team player


Helena High School

08/12 21 Credits to Graduate

Band All four years, 1 year of Sports and entertainment Manj.
Organized Punk Show For Lunch Time