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OBJECTIVE: Position as a Logistics NCO for the United States Marine Corps.




A committed and knowledgeable logistics professional who adjusts the need of ensuring people and property with the need to keep up great associations with clients and people in general.

Similarly fit for working alone or as an individual from a group, and open to exercised activity and taking issues. Capabilities Include:



● Managing equipment.
● Leadership experience
● Adapting in conflict
● Tech knowledge
● Training skills
● Secret clearance


LOGISTICS NCO, U.S. Marine Corps, 2014- 2019


● Managed and stored 4.3 million dollars’ worth of equipment in 5-year period
● While deployed to 12 different countries was able to keep 20 million dollars’ worth of sensitive equipment at 0% damage rate
● Successfully provided proper training to 40 personnel monthly during a 5-year time span on how to use sensitive equipment.
● Served as the inventory specialist for my department, duties include;
● Examine shipment contents and compare it with records such as, invoices, manifest, and orders to verify accuracy.
● Record shipment data such as weight, damages, and discrepancies for record keeping purposes.
● Pack, seal, and label to prepare materials for shipping, using hand tools, power tools, and postage marker.
● Load materials and products into package processing equipment.
● Examine and inspect containers to ensure guidelines are met

Department Coordinator, Camp Lejeune, NC, U.S. Marine Corps, January 2017 – Present

Served as the department training and operations coordinator. Duties include:

● Supervise the work of logistic specialist, planners, and schedulers.
● Create policies and procedures for logistic specialist.
● Prepare staff meeting, work schedules, and assign specific duties.
● Operated telephones to answer and record messages accurately
● Lead individuals in the work place, supervising section productivity, and monitored training.


Basic Warehouse School, Camp Johnson, NC, September 2014


Marine Course work to include:


● Operating forklifts
● Courses on how to manage a warehouse
● Spelling
● Punctuation
● Grammar
● Mathematics
High School Diploma, CARSON, CA, August 2010 – May 2014I


  • leadership skill
  • Tech skills


Carson high school

May 5 2010 - January 20 2014 Diploma


United States Marine Corps

May 26 2014 - July 25 2019 Logistic specialist