Shina Marshall’s Bio

I met a young producer name Terrell (Shorty Capone) Harris.  He hired me as a receptionist at Raw Dope Records (Independent Record Company).  Where I work in an house/office we called the Barn.  As time went by I would later hold titles such as Operations Manager, CEO Assistant, Road Manager, and Manager.  I inherit the name Queen Shina.

Working with fresh new artists from west side Chicago.   Fuskee, Danny Boy, and Crucial Conflict.  Fuskee was signed to Interscope Records by the great legendary Steve Berman.  Danny Boy signed to one of the most powerful hip-hop record company in the industry Death Row Records.  They sold 150 million albums and generated close to 750 million in revenue.  Crucial Conflict signed to Pallas Record/ Universal. I work with legendary Fab 5 Freddy and Universal Records own Doug Morris who was one of their biggest fan.   Twista, Do or Die, Johnny P, Grammy winning R. Kelly and Three 6 Mafia.  As Shorty’s Personnel Assistant I also worked alone his side with Lupe Fiasco, Xcel, Alvin Elmore, Dude ‘N Nem, Kem.

I went on to start my very own promotions company and coordinated the best street ever!  I work under Kevin Black, CEO/Owner of  U Can Fly Holdings and appeared on BravoTV (Launch my Line).

I been on the road with Eve, 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, Eminem, and Mary J. Blidge.  I


After moving to Milwaukee, WI, yet to my surprise a night out with family and friends would give me the chance to meet a known DJ (DJ. Darren Blade) and a whole new door would open.  I was giving the honor to intern at WNOV Radio Station as an On-Air Radio Personality.   I landed a permanent position to launch my own show called Electrifying Evening with Baby Shina.  And that is where the name Baby Shina developed from, thanks to my associates.  I worked at the station with the best DJ’s in the business: DJ Blade, Tony Neal (Core DJ’s), Homer Blow (Blow Radio), Sean Dale (Raw TV/92.3 Chicago), D-Rock Kasoyf (Comedian), DJ Anthony (Tone) Jiles, DJ. Darnell (Infotek) Bennett, DJ Wayne Ck (majic 102.5), Baby Drew, and Co Co Cal.