To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regard to my interest in applying to your vacant position. With my skills and qualifications, I will be a useful asset to your team and am capable of providing whatever services are expected of me.

I have helped solve different ranges of issues, easing frustrations and resolving technical issues. My strong interpersonal skills and friendly character have developed my ability to build, maintain and handle professional business relationships, especially with people under stress. I am able to get along with, listen to, speak to, and handle other people, as well as, communicate effectively with diverse populations. I am able to work autonomously, follow all formidable company objectives, rules and regulations.

I show great dedication, enthusiasm, and promptness in anything I invest my time into. I pick up new skills very quickly and have a genuine thirst for knowledge, which pairs well with a dynamic working environment that expects fast-paced quality work. Though born in the United States, I have advanced proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Russian. Growing up in the Internet Age allows me to navigate applications and solve technical issues with great ease.

One quality that really stands out in my work ethic is that I am always ready to help with whatever is being asked of me and prepared to complete a wide variety of tasks, whether those tasks are introduced in a working or academic environment, or whether these tasks are familiar or new to me. A flaw of mine, unfortunately, stems from the latter, as I sometimes become susceptible to overwhelming myself with the amount of tasks I selflessly agree to work on. Though, throughout my years of working experience, I have developed better methods of managing such tasks and organizing my time in a more efficient and optimized manner.

In addition to my work experience and academic career, I have been performing professionally since my teenage years and was raised in a show business/theater environment since infancy. I have been dancing and singing since a young age with various companies and ensembles.

My work ethic may be best described as highly organized, motivated, responsible, creative, a problem-solver, and oftentimes described as the resident “idea man” ‒ always thinking ahead about new methods of exercising efficiency. I am applying to this position with great enthusiasm, for, I want to further explore and expand my knowledge of compliance science and regulatory technology.

Together, I believe that my educational background and years of experience in the workforce has shaped me into a suitable candidate for your team. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Simona Zhukovski