California Lutheran University

Major: Business Management

Minor: Marketing

Thousand Oaks, CA.

Graduation : March 2016


Grade Point Average: 3.85

Relevant Coursework: Persuasion & Rhetoric, Organizational Communication, Public Speaking, Group work, General Accounting, Film and Media Finance.




VIP Hospitality Specialist

(March 2015 – Current)

·      Provided services to venues by taking care of clientele

·      Aided in promotionally branding each and every individual event within a venue

·      Strategically worked with and hired promoters to bring revenue and camaraderie into various venues

·      Kept track of sales and utilized marketing strategies to boost and improve revenue

·      Utilized and resourced connections to drive online and social media traffic in boosting sales and branding specific individuals.


1st Assistant Director

(April 2017)

·      Managed on set work flow for numerous commercials

·      Relayed between directors, producers, and clients

·      Helped direct scenes with splinter units

·      Managed shot list and time coordination


Strategic Clientele Development Partner

(March 2015 – Current)

·      Provided assistance to clientele of companies in forming lasting relationships

·      Oversaw all communications and formal agreements between parties

·      Aided in assistance in any marketing or promotional strategy

·      Collaborated with various hospitality specialists in planning and setting up events

·      Ran social media promotions in congruency with a platform towards social events

·      Aided in solidifying partnerships between clientele and promotional ventures


Hover Global (Cinema Drone Company)

Unit Director / Creative Director

(December 2015 – January 2016)

·      Provided research and in depth exploration of aerial cinematography laws and regulations

·      Accredited Camera operator on set with drones

·      Licensed UAV operator

·      Directed and helped set up aerial cinematography

·      Worked hands on with the FAA, Film Permit Departments and Fire Department Safety Officers during on set drone use

·      Gave in depth knowledge about the use of aerial cinematography in front of executives

·      Tech-savvy with the technology possessed in UAV’s as well as camera’s

·      Write short scripts/ create content for in-house production

·      Production manager


Incognito Pictures (Feature Film Production Company)

Associate Producer / Associate Development Executive / Assistant to Executive                      June 2015 – January 2016

·      Provided assistance to executives during production of movies

·      Read over 100 scripts and provided IN DEPTH coverage on each one

·      Gathered information and managed lists of possible acting roles for movies

·      Accredited on IMDB for Associate Production work

·      Traveled and stayed on set to manage work flow and relay back information to executives

·      Led numerous meetings on set with Directors and other Producers for the upcoming film days

·      Plan and manage meetings

·      Set calendars and prepare for upcoming projects with dates




Software:  Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Final Draft, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Lightroom Adobe After effects, RED CineX Pro, Instagram platforming software, Youtube platforming software

Skills: Excellent clientele development, Marketing and managing specialist, Business development and strategic partner, Script and Story editor, Creative Producer, Assistant secretary,




california Lutheran university

August 2013/ March 2016 Business Administration