My name is Sol Cerda and I’m writing regarding any entry level positions available. I am very knowledgeable in social media managing and marketing. I am lead promoter from Power House Mia in south Florida. Throughout my year learning and growing with Power House Mia, I have gained several followers organically by keeping concise captions, related hashtags, and a steady algorithm. The demographic I cater to is mostly EDM, subgenre dubstep, techno, and psytrance. My position as Lead Promoter with Power House Mia requires I provide event content for promotion, approval of the final flyer for the event, keep the team up do date with current events relevant to the event, focus on ticket sales, organize team meeting, complete guest list, distribute/collect hard copy tickets, collect sales cash, and attend to any guest questions and/or concerns about our events.

Part of my assignment is to make sure the correct content is being pushed in correlation to the specific event. Also maintain crowd engagement by liking, commenting, and sharing relatable content. I keep a consistent imagine drawing in a steady fan base. I also attend events and network with potential clients by gathering information such how did they hear about the event, direct them to follow my profile and Power House Mia for future events, provide them with my promo code and contact information, and finally I follow them back to establish a base line connection.

Over the years, Power House Mia has grown significantly. Establishing a foundation and strong fan base here in south Florida stretching from Miami to Boca Raton and even Orlando. We partnered with other major music label companies such Apex Present, Hypnotic Productions, BLNK CNVS and recently LifeStyles Inc. to promote Life in Color: Miami. We have hosted events for artists such Borgore, Jauz, Zomboy, Adventure Club, BlackGummy. Event location range between Heart Nightclub, The Hangar, and our very own Club Cinema.

I’m a hard worker whose number one priority is to get the job done effectively and successfully. I’m to use to multitasking and capable of handle several projects a once. I can work under pressure and in stressful environments. I strive only to achieve the best results. I believe in making a difference every day. Disappointments have taught me that when people count on, you get the job done. Failures have taught me that there’s always room for improvement, not to mention success taste so much better. My objective is push the label or brand to the next level. I want to express my creative ideas for possible publishing. I want to be a part of the musical movement and strengthen the skills I have acquired of the recent years. I only want to move forward and trust the process to my success. I’m just looking for an opportunity show my worth and value to the company.

Best Wishes,

Sol Cerda