My name is Sólveig Matthildur and I love music.

As I am moving to Berlin to study Music Production in dBs Berlin I want to find a part-time job involving the music industry.

Here is my background:

In 2013 I started a band called Kælan Mikla. I played the drums and wrote the lyrics. We played our so called poetry-punk for one and a half year, until my interest in synthesizers took completely over. We brought up the 80´s volume with my gears and are now labeled as a dark-wave band. We will release our first physical album in June 2016 with Fabrika Records and are touring Europe this summer.
In the beginning of 2015 I started my own label called Hið myrka man. I have released one vinyl record and have two other upcoming. Along with releasing records I plan gigs and showcases and provide consultation to artists regarding booking and advertising. My friend joined the company in December 2015 and we started this serie called HMM:X.

It’s our goal to mix up the casual gig, strengthen the grass root of this extreme flow of creation here in Reykjavík and reinforce new bands, musicians and artists. Usually in Iceland you don’t get paid for your performance but on these gigs we always charge in and always pay the artists.

For the last 15 years i have along knowledge gained great interest in many fields of music and the industry and believe that this course will bring all those skills and experiences together. For the last 3 years I have hosted around 40 events; poetry readings, dj- sets, concerts, showcases for festivals and managed 2 tours for my band, Kælan Mikla and have one upcoming tour to manage for the autumn.
My goals are to be involved in the music industry forever. I want to be able to work as a producer, audio engineer and manager of events; concerts, tours and all sort of things.