I began learning the art of mixing music in 2003 and I haven’t looked back since. I am also a certified Audio engineer. From 2004 I played for crowds who have always responded enthusiastically to my music. Much of my production is trance music.2005 I started working as a mobile Dj. In 2006 I played at Jeffrey’s, Chennai. I have also played in venues such as Bling in Zuri Hotel (as an in-house Dj) in 2008, Zara’s Tapas Bar in 2009, Shiro and Pebble Jungle Lounge. My kind of party is Full of Energy. I produce and perform my music using Ableton. Everything I know is out on the table, I don’t hide anything I mainly use freeware VST instruments and inbuilt Ableton effects. I don’t like to flood myself with too much choice when I am writing music, so I have a very limited amount of tools that I use. However, because of this, I know these tools inside out and can achieve the result I want very quickly.My live performance is usually a set of mixing all kinds of genres from electro to progressive trance to psychedelic. When I perform, I have all the elements of my music at my control and can mix, layer, and manipulate the music real time, making each set unique and driven by the vibe of the dance floor. Two things really drive me to make music. 1.Minimalism: I love stripping audio down to the bare bones, specificallyhow the simplicity of sound can affect someone’s emotions and feelings, and bring people together in a mass state of communion. This isn’t to say I am not inspired by other things such as nature and other artists, but I get the most pleasure and wonderment taking things that grab my attention, breaking them down into their roots and seeing what I can find. 2.Natural Sounds: Nature, the noise of the city. Putting all the noises that the world has to offer into my music and thus putting my audiences into a state of trance. I treat music as a form of communication that completely overpowers that of any other kind of human interaction. Music is my language.


  • ableton live
  • audio editing
  • audio post production
  • concerts
  • cubase
  • DJ
  • djing
  • electronic music
  • film studios
  • live recording
  • live sound
  • logic pro
  • mastering
  • music
  • music creation
  • musicians
  • pro tools
  • production music
  • record labels
  • recording
  • remixing
  • sound
  • sound design
  • sound editing
  • sound mixing


SAE Institute Chennai, India.

2005-2006 Audio Engineering, Audio Engineering Diploma

Introduction computing & media, Introduction to studio studies, acoustics, basic musicianship and theory studies, studio equipment, digital recording, advanced studio studies, industry perspectives issues and research techniques, creative perspectives, business and legal studies, advanced industry applications specialized research programs.

Vismayam School of Animation and Special Effects

2003-2003 Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects, Animation & Special Effects Certificate

3D Animation In MAYA includes Modeling, Rigging, Animating.

Arena Mutimedia

2000-2001 Mutimedia, Diploma in Multimedia

Introduction to computer and OS, Introduction to Multimedia and Internet, Vector Graphics, Images and Visuals, Managing Media Elements, Visualization Technics, 2D Animation, Graphic Designing, Flash Animation.

Tamilnadu Higher Secondry School

1995-1995 Higer Secondry Certificate, Correspondance

History, Geography, Economics and Political Science

Institute of Engineering, Kerala, India.

1994-1995 Diploma in Computerized Office Management

Data Entry and Basic Computer Awareness.

St. Jospeph's High School

1992 Genaral Scholastic Studies, Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Malayalam Language, Hindi Language, English, History and Cultural Heritage of India, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and health Science, Mathematics.


Cleos Pub & Restaurant

2014 Head Of Events & Resident Dj

Handling Event Promotion Team, Flyer Designing, Co-ordinate with Musicians and artists, Weekly Meeting with the team, Canopy Design, Stage arrangements, Sound system reinforcement, Visual projection, Lighting co-ordination, seating arrangement and Resident Dj.

Speedsound Records

2014 Dj/ Music Producer

Psy-trance Producer

Guru Club

2014-2014 DJ

Psy-Dance-Global Records

2013-2014 Music Producer/ Dj


2010-2013 Dj/Psy Trance Producer/Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I play lot of Trance and Psy Trance, with a mix of chill out and psybiant, I produce and perform with Ableton, Also work for south Indian film Industry as a Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Zara's Tapas Bar

2009-2009 Dj

Resident Dj/ Creator of Musik Magik with Dj subivk


2009-2009 Dj

Brunch Dj

Pebble Jungle Lounge

2008-2009 Dj/Vj

Guest Dj and a Visual Artist

The Zuri Hotels & Resorts

2007-2008 Dj

Resident Dj

Yes India Vision

2008-2008 Audio Engineer

Managing audio store, microphone replacements, newsroom handling, and speaker maintenance.
Extensive area of expertise:
Handling live news, on-road recording for live shows, live news feed, outdoor programme recording, management of audio equipment.

Amritha Television

2008-2008 Audio Engineer, Intern

Managing programme charts, recording a clean sound on tape, lapel Microphone fixing, managing cables and audio equipment.
Extensive area of expertise:
Recording programme and handling live news as sound engineer.

Melody Sounds, Udaya Sounds, Jaihind Television

2007-2007 Live Sound Engineer, Freelance

Live sound management, speaker allocation, FOH handling, live mixing for various programs.
Extensive area of expertise:
Live mixing, live recording, microphone and speaker placements, recording for television programs.
Managing level according to television standards. Music recording and audio tape machine alignment.

Reynold’s Inc

2007-2007 Live Sound Engineer, Inern

Live sound management, speaker allocation, live mixing for various programs, cable management, store keeping, scaffolding.
Extensive area of expertise:
Live mixing, microphone and speaker placements.

Soorya Arts & Festival

2007-2007 Live Sound Engineer, Freelance

Coordinating equipment operation with material presented, setting up and maintaining audio equipment for various meetings, live shows and special events at universities, hotels and Stadiums of the metropolitan area.
Extensive area of expertise:
Live mixing, live recording, microphone and speaker placements, live sound reinforcement methodology, technology and operation.

Vidyasagar's Fashion and Design Studio

1996-2004 Fashion Designer

As a student I studied under Vidya Sagar for 1 year.
Began internship assisting Vidya Sagar in his boutique as a fashion co-ordiantor for 2 years.
In 2000 I opened my own brand called Sumukha. I designed my own fashion line which was an Indo western style.
My designs where exported to West Ham, U.K
I also produced fashion shows introducing my latest designs.
I also choreographed fashion shows.

Venpakal Associates

1994-1995 Media Executive

Liaise with clients regarding advertising on Billboards.
Oversaw and maintain filing system
Basic reception duties such as answering the phone directing calls when necessary

East West Airlines

1993-1994 Public Relations Officer (Traniee)

V.I.P passenger handling including to check in, providing airport lounge facilities and accompanying passengers to aircraft.
Handling passenger comments and complaints.
Operation of check in counter.
Handling flight operations sheets to air traffic control.

East West Airlines

1993-1993 Aircraft Technician Assistant

Ensuring that the engines where kept clean and free of debris.
Cockpit maintenance including cleaning and ensuring that instruments where free from blemishes.
Assisting in the changing of tyres including overseeing the transfer of tyres for re-threading.

East West Airlines

1992-1993 Fuel In-Charge

Signing off on fuel bills and ensuring that all vehicles including shuttle buses, staff cars and other East West utility vehicles.