Since 2000 music began to represent a large part of his life listening to music and even trying to mix 90s then trying his talents on a cassette deck double came out great thing was not so excited about the idea itself has decided to go on to dream of a future of pleasure and love for music, something later that dream began to take root easily in reality clicking the first play in a club at age 15 and got his first residency where a renowned club time. Later, namely in 2008 got his first residency at the seaside in Costinesti in the largest outdoor disco in Romania, namely in Mega Disco Youth where he managed to maintain the atmosphere over 10,000 people 2 seasons in a row having the privilege to work with dj famous! As any artist dreams and reach above works began in 2010 a beautiful collaboration with Radio One FM for one year with own show every Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00 while putting on standing and cooperation and the country swarming with Partydul Kiss Fm through live transmission of clubs across the country with OLiX and Dan Finţescu. For some time he wanted to get to Vibe FM (DJ not wanted it) as a result in 2011 they received a call from a collaboration proposal and receiving their broadcasts every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00. Said and done what had already passed through three stations in 2012 begins a new collaboration this time with a new FM radio station as receiving Dance with Wanda own show every day this time from 17:00 to 20: 00 at the same time and discover their talents in production having successfully introduced in most majority playlists and radio DJs from the country and abroad receiving feedback quite good for a beginner in the art which continues in day today to produce increasingly more tracks / remixes so he takes the title of dJ / producer / remixer while stoking every weekend in many a club atmosphere in the country!

In the present Dj Khan is also going by the name of Clanker Jones, a different name with a different sound.


Stage name: Dj Khan/Clanker Jones


Clubs activated in event mode and residence:


Mega Disco Tineretului (Costinesti)

Disco Ring (Costinesti)

Century Club (Brasov)

Blue Sansation (Brasov)

Club Liquid (Sibiu)

Club Louis (Brasov)

Kameleon (Ploiesti)

The Club (Ploiesti)

Mercury (Ploiesti)

Club Ice (Ploiesti)

L’OPERA (Ploiesti)

Sky Club (Ploiesti)

Club Tonka (Bucharest)

Deja Vu (Bucharest)

Bound (Bucharest)

Old Town (Bucharest)

Trinity (Bucharest)

Club Barocco (Bucharest)

Blue (Bucharest)

Maxx (Bucharest)

Vanity (Bucharest)

Maraboo (Bucharest)

Shade (Bucharest)

Princess (Bucharest)

El Dictator (Bucharest)

Club Vision (Neptune)

Summer Time (Galati)

Divino (Galati)

Club Heaven (Timisoara)

Mozart (Tg. Jiu)

Reasons Room (Craiova)

Sweet Escape (Craiova)

Club Karaoke (Bistrita)

Club Athos (Baia Mare)

Vides (Dorohoi)

Privilege (Radauti)

Club Skye (Iasi)

Club Arsenal (Vaslui)

Club Menthor (Vaslui)

Club Bawary (Focsani)

Black Ball (Braila)

Chandalier (Braila)

Club Mojo (Hunedoara)

Club Baroque (Saint George)

Aristocrat (Sighisoara)

Sunrise (Adjud)

The Pub (Alexandria)

Club MGM (Tulcea)

Club Reina (Tulcea)

Club Opium (Botosani)

Club Wiky (Suceava)

Club Equinox (Drobeta Turnu Severin)

Studio 27 (Campina)

MM Club (Predeal)

Famous Club (Sinaia)

VIP Room (Pitesti)

On Time (Pitesti)

Shaker Club (Pitesti)

Sunrise Beach (Pitesti)


Collaborations Radio:

Kiss Fm (Partydul)

Vibe Fm (Issue for 2 years)

One Fm (Issue for one year)

Dance Fm (Issue for one year)


All descriptions and the work itself can be checked easily by a simple search on Google.


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Clanker Jones:


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Clanker Jones releases:

Ground Off E.P.

Clanker Jones – what the f___ (Original mix)

available on Beatport, iTunes and Google store and currently more realeases by the month.




I also own a private event  firm equipped with sound, light and high quality effects, in terms of music and experience, I count only the perfection of quality and professionalism.


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Mobile Number: 0040749955692





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