I have been teaching myself Audio Engineering since I graduated highschool in 2014. I have along the way been networking throughout Atlanta via music events and industry meetings. I have been apart of three music groups. I have a solid knowledge of the club environment. I have interned at two businesses where my skills were put to the test. The first was called MadLife Sound and Studios, and the other was a small business owner. MadLife is where I was introduced to the live music scene where I mic’d drum kits, set up the stage with the band’s equipment, ran cables to the correct inputs for the live sound engineer, and broke down the stage. The small business owner is where I got to put my learning to the test from MadLife where I set up the band, Mic’d the drums, ran the cables to the correct inputs then ran the Midas soundboard. I personally operate off Ableton. I have a Focusrite interface and a Rhode Nt-1 condenser mic. I have knowledge of mixing, mastering, and producing. I am capable of turning the ideas in the mind into reality. I have been doing so for some time now.


  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe premiere