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Facebook is honestly the only social media I go on for the past 3 years!

I have been Dancing and performing in the Houston EDM scene since 09′(I was 13 when I started, so I was too young to be on any of the multiple Dance Teams that tried to recruit me.) I like to design, make my own Clothing for events,and dress people for events. I have managed,Planned,Promoted,organized, and danced/performed for different events through out Houston. I have also done a couple of my own events.I can shuffle,Tektonic,Jumpstyle,do choreography, and “Go-Go Dance”. I am always trying to improve and expand my knowledge of Different Types of dance! I also love performing at shows with Poi,Orbitals,levitation wands, Gloves, and glowsticks! I am currently learning/experimenting with mixing music.

I am currently not enrolled in School, but I will be again hopefully soon. My major Is Buisness Management and Hospitality.


  • Can mix music
  • Different Styles of Dance
  • Make and design clothing.
  • Visual Enhanced Performer(Different types of lightshows)