Vipul Chawda

House No. 328, 401 – Durga Maata Dhaam, Koperkhairane Sec. 19 – B, Navi Mumbai – 400709

+91-7506880648 |

WCCBM, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bachelor Of Science (Information Technology) 2009 – 2011
(Not Completed)

SIWS College, Wadala, Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) 2009

Little Angels High School, Sion, Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 2007
Sensibol Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mumbai, Maharashtra
Music Content Analyst Nov, 2012 –
 Work includes using the company’s proprietary software tools for Finding and Storing Lyrics
for the given Audio Content as Metadata.
 Pasting and Alignment of Metadata with the Audio Content using Spectrum Analysis.
 Careful and Surgical Extraction of the Vocalist’s Pitch (Notes OR Melody) from the given
Audio Content using Spectrum Analysis and Proprietary Subtractive Tools provided by the
 Basic & Advanced Audio Editing, Sound Layering, Creating Minus Tracks for given Audio
Content, Arranging Text with Audio.
 Occasional Sound Synthesis and Sound Mixing.

Electronic Music Production
 7+ Years of Experience in Producing Various Different Genres under EDM and Collection of
my Original Sounds and many others (Sound Bank OR Library).

 Some of the Genres are Trance, Progressive Trance, Dubstep, Psy-Trance, Dark-Psy, House
Music, Electro-House, Deep-House, Ambient Electronica and many more.
 Many Minor Collaboration Projects over the years with Various Underground Trance Artists.
Also a Trance EP(The First Blow) released on the U.K Based Underground Label Lua
 Experience in handling different DAW’s such as FL Studio, Ableton Live and Pro Tools
[Preferred Work Station: FL Studio(Any Version)] .
 7+ Years of Experience in Music Arranging, Composing, Layering, Editing, Recording,
Mixing & Mastering.
 Experience in Advanced Mastering techniques such as Serial & Parallel Compression
Methods, Multi-Band Compression Method, Mid/Side EQing, Limiting, Transient Shaping
and Many More.
 Experience in Advanced Sound Synthesis Techniques such as Using ADSR Envelopes to
Sculpt Sound, Additive & Subtractive Synthesis of Sound, Using Frequency Modulation and
Amplitude Modulation Techniques for Sound Synthesis, Resampling WaveForms and Many
 Experience working with various Soft Synths such as NI Massive, Sylenth, Sytrus, FM7 &
FM8, Harmor, Kontakt 5, reFX Nexus, NI Absynth, NI Battery, Vanguard, Xfer Serum and
Many More.
 Understanding of the Working of Analog Equipments including Compressors, Limiters,
Amplifiers, Reverb and Delay Pedals, Multi-FX Pedals, Hard Synths and Many More.
 Working with different DJ Systems such as Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, Pioneer DJM 900
Nexus, Traktor Control S5, S4, F1, X1 and Many More.
 Some of my Work is Available on my Current SoundCloud Page:

 Microsoft Office suite ( Word, Excel, PPT, etc).
 Computer savvy.
 Good Knowledge of Operating Software’s (Windows XP, vista, Windows 7, etc).
 Familiar with Various Audio-Video Alignment Tools such as Windows Movie Maker, Sony
Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.
 Basic Photo Editing Skills.
 Using Various DJ Mixing Tools and Softwares such as Virtual DJ, NI Traktor Pro 2, IL
Deckadance 2, etc.

 Date Of Birth: 8 th April, 1992
 Nationality: Indian

 Marital Status: Single
 Alternate Email Address:


  • arranging
  • composing
  • mastering
  • mixing
  • music production
  • Recording and Resampling
  • Synthesis of Sounds