OBJECTIVE: Outgoing person. Love to do community service and give back to the less fortunate. Leader and always positive.


Syracuse University

Expected to graduate May 2018

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Major: International Relations Johannesburg: K-11

Attended St Johns College in Johannesburg South Africa until moving to the United States and attending The Phelps School

The Phelps School

Malvern, PA Senior


Objective: Worker, Teacher and Volunteer


A youth development and environmental conservation

Spent seven weeks living in a rural area of Itacare in Brazil teaching English to the poor children of the community
Taught them environmental conservation lessons
Played sports with them regularly

Kampala, Uganda Grade 11

International School

Strasbourg France, 2015
Taught English as an English TA
5 Hours/Week, Total Hours: 15

Other Service Experience:

Worked at a famous refugee camp in Kampala which is home to more than 300 000 Congolese refugees. Worked for four years completing 24 hours consistently each year from grade 8-11. Worked in many homeless shelters, recreational centers, disability centers, orphanages and old age homes. Achieved the golden eagle award for completing a two week community service camp


Indoor Soccer, Indoor Sports, Gym, Interact Community Service Cultural Club

Grades 9,10,11,12
25 Hrs/Week, Total Hours: 150

St. Johns College

• Worked for interact cultural community service club from grade 8-11 • Did community service around poor areas in South Africa

The Phelps School

• Indoor Soccer • Indoor sports • Gym


Information Technology Prize

Grade 11

Won the IT prize

Merit Pin Award

Grade 12

Upholding the school’s honors, begin a role model to young students, maintaining a good GPA and being a prime example of an ‘Ideal Student’

Coach’s Soccer Award

Grade 12

Won the coach’s award for soccer in 12th grade

Grades 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 5 Hrs/Week, Total Hours: 350
CONTACT 917.575.9095

Dramatic Arts Half Colors

(prestigious award)
Grades 9-12
• Took place in St Johns Grobs performance as part of a dance crew
• 10th Grade took place in St Johns Grobs performance as part of a dance crew • 11th Grade took place in St Johns Grobs performance as part of a dance crew • 12th Grade Took part in two school plays



Grades 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 10

Hrs/Week Total Hours: 300

• Received the coach’s award for most improved player in grade 12 • Captain of 2nd and 3rd team soccer from 2007-2009.


Pi Kappa Alpha

Social chair

My job as the social chair for my house entails that I must plan and organize all social events. This demonstrates my organization skills because I am in charge of planning social events and formals. I have to ensure proper risk preparedness and prevention occurs for events so I make sure when planning events that I am doing it correctly. I have a budget that I have to manage with the help of my social committee with a list of our expenses.
I also have to hold weekly meeting with my committee to review of plans for each week and present weekly committee progress reports to my Vice President .


Spirit Leader

Grade 10-11

Lead basketball games and sometimes rugby games.

Interact Club

Senior Leader

Athletic Leadership

• Captain of 3rd team basketball in grade 11 • 1st team basketball captain in grade 7