I wish to get a jobin the Event Industry more precisely in the organisation of festival. I am also open to marketing, brand management, PR and communication. I would like to thank you to let me to introduce myself and express my future plan.

I passed my Bachelor Degree in Business and Management, in 2012, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne where I started a block-release training from the second year in an Insurance agency as a versatile employee (Accounting, Management and Production of contracts, Customer relationship, Monitoring). After this course, I worked for this company during four months.

At the same time, I worked in a 4*hotel, Best Western Le Grand Hotel, in Bayonne as a versatile employee (Reception, Night watchman, Breakfast service, Cleaning service).

Then, I decided to move to foreign countries for 6 months: India, New Caledonia and New Zealand; travelling, volunteering, experiencing different ways of living. Through this, I built up a big open-mindedness.

At the end of this trip, I decided to complete my studies. So, I have started abroad a distance learning in International Management, resumed my work at the hotel when I came back and got my first year of Master’s degree in 2014.

I finally choose to go to Switzerland, at Glion School where I will be graduated from a PostGrade in Hospitality Administration. The advantage of this program let me oriented my studies into the event field with courses as Event Planning, Event Management and more concretely an applied learning where I have been involved in several projects. It makes me feel more confident in the fact I am really want to take part in the Event Industry.

Through my work experiences and studies, I realized how much I really want to make projects and people around me to succeed, to deliver amazing experiences customers will enjoy. And thanks to my different journeys and various jobs, I have acquired a big capacity for adaptation. I could share my organizational skills, my creativity and my flexibility. That’s why I am confident that working in this field will be a real opportunity and a very enriching experience for me to broaden my knowledge, develop my professional skills and contribute to the company’s life.

Thank you for your consideration.