To, Whom So Ever This May Concern

My name is Bhaskar Arora and i have been working in the electronic music sector as an individual artist manager , promoter , programmer and curator in India. I started working as a promoter when i was 17 years old and starting booking International artist at the age of 18.

I have experience in programming a music festival, developing an Artist , Digital Media and i can cover all aspect in the field.

I have booked and worked with top producer/dj’s in the Industry.

I know the asian market really well, have worked with investors and sponsors in the same region. I love to work in a team and deliver the best results possible.

I have also been featured on RollingStone Magzine.

I can be contacted at , would love to help if needed.


  • artist management
  • booking agent
  • curator
  • programmer