During my four years of undergraduate studies in audio production at Ohio University, I explored many aspects of the audio business and entertainment industry. While developing my own recording techniques, I learned to appreciate and successfully utilize a variety of methods which helps to ensure a creative and professionally produced finished product. I refuse to limit myself and I’m excited to continue learning new audio methodologies in order to increase the value I will bring to the music industry. I have 5 years of experience with Ableton Live, and 4 years of working with Pro Tools & Logic X. I excel in a studio setting, recording/ producing music as well as mixing audio. I am also experienced with adding Foley sound to films and short videos. I have successfully created and implemented the audio for video games created by digital media students at Ohio University using the program Unity. I am experienced at recording bands as well as mixing and mastering audio which can be found at the link below: I have excellent interpersonal skills and a strong ability to work independently. I am self motivated and work well with a diverse group of people in a fast paced and creative environment . Other experience includes, stage management and social media marketing for concerts.


  • ableton live
  • audio editing
  • audio engineering
  • audio mixing
  • audio post production
  • event production
  • live production
  • logic x
  • pro tools
  • song production
  • stage management


Ohio University

2011-2015 Audio-Music Production, Bachelor Of Science In Communication

Olentangy Liberty High School

2007-2011 College Prep


Bonter Media

2014-2014 Subcontractor, Film Post Audio Production

-Added and edited Foley sounds for the film Morrir Sonando using Pro Tools 11.
-Created post production sound effects for scenes that included fights, crashes, doors opening and closing, walking and running.

Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club

2012-2014 Player Services

-Responsible for greeting players and unloading bags and transporting them to golf carts.
-Maintain and keep work area clean

Sub C Events

2013-2014 Promotions and Planning Intern

-Concert Promotion and Planning
-Scouted local talent to perform at shows.
-Produced and executed performances at The Basement venue.
-Successfully operated concert series “Electric Basement”- all 4 four shows were sold out performances.
-Gained valuable skills as a production and stage manager.