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Passionate filmmaker seeking new full-time position that enables me to build upon my skills, experience and creativity in feature films, television and/or commercial production. Experience includes: directing, producing, screenwriting, and post-production work in support of Feature Film, Television and Digital Media.





The Great Open – Feature Film                                                                    05/2018 – Present

A documentary feature film exploring the current state of the long haul trucking industry through the perspective of a single long haul driver.

·       Independently produced and secured financing for this feature film which is currently in post-production.

·       Performed an extensive search to identify the ideal candidate to serve as the subject for the film.

·       Responsible for outlining the arc/narrative of the film as well as identifying major themes that the film would explore.

·       Generated a list of over 150 interview questions, which were crafted to give both an overview of the driver’s personal life as well as his overarching views on the industry.

·       Coordinated interviews in real time with people whom the Driver met throughout the course of performing his job.

·       Responsible for maintaining the chain of title as well as clearing all appearance, licensing and rights agreements.


Short Films                                                                                                             01/2013 – 05/2016                                                                                                                                                                                       01/14

·       Have worked in support of 25+ short films in roles that range from Editing to Producing and Directing.

·       Arranged casting calls, location scouts, crew interviews and other critical pre-production functions.

·       Worked to oversee numerous productions; maintaining production schedules and overseeing cast and crew during physical production.

·       Have overseen the post-production workflow on numerous projects in my capacity as a Producer/Director.

·       Have a keen understanding of various multimedia editing platforms including the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Da Vinci Resolve.

·       Responsible for compiling and maintaining film budget.

·       Responsible for securing production insurance, rental film gear, location permits, actor releases,

music rights and other essential documentation pertaining to production/post production.


Commercial Advertisements                                                                       01/2014 – 05/2016

·       Have produced/directed numerous commercials between 15 & 90 seconds in length.

·       Worked through concepts, prepared boards and carefully saw to every detail of production in order

to create compelling advertisements that engage their audience.

·       Developed and generated creative concepts to meet specific client needs.

·       Hired crew, secured locations and cast actors when applicable.

·       Oversaw all stages of commercial production, including pre-production, production and editing.



Deluxe Entertainment Service Group                                                05/2016 – Present

Account Coordinator – MGM Service Team

•         Coordinate staff and resources across multiple departments and locations to arrange and prioritize workflow. Administer billing, manage distribution and shipping and build detailed project status reports.

•         Ensure quality completion within tight deadlines.

•         Responsible for overseeing orders placed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios in service of their film and television library.

•         Facilitate delivery and distribution of film/video assets throughout Deluxe’s global distribution network.



Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts                                                                      01/2014 – 01/2016

Assistant Front Desk Manager

•         Managed the front desk at this state-of-the-art digital media facility housed within the University of Southern California.

•         Oversaw and monitored the facility’s 3 soundstages, motion capture room and VFX lab.

•         Assisted student filmmakers in understanding and operating the facility’s equipment.

•         Solely responsible for maintenance and supervision of the stages during the absence of the Assistant Manager and Facility Manager.



MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)                                                                  06/2014 – 08/2014

Creative Development Intern

•         Worked as a Creative Development Intern for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s feature film department.

•         Reviewed feature film screenplays and novels in consideration for further development.

•         Performed research for the company pertaining to current business models, trending topics and

stories directly relevant to the studio.





University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts                                          12/2015

Master of Fine Arts, Film and Television Production


Illinois State University                                                                                            12/2011

Bachelor of Science, Integrated Marketing Communications


Lorenzo De Medici

International Business, Semester Abroad in Florence Italy                                  08/2009 – 12/2009





•       Performance Driven

•       Team Player

•       Self-Starter

•       Strong Work Ethic

•       Highly Adaptable

•       Clear and Concise Communicator

·       Advanced Knowledge of Editing Platforms and Post-Production Workflow

·       Film Distribution

·       Database Entry & Analysis

·       Project Management

·       Adobe Creative Cloud

·       Mac & PC Proficiency

•       Film & Television Directing

•       Producing

•       Script Analysis and Coverage

•       Knowledge of Film History & Production Processes

•       Screenwriting

•       Creative Development












University of Southern California

2013 - 2015 MFA, Film & Television Production

Illinois State University

2007 - 2011 BS - Marketing