I am a 22 year old aspiring journalist who is driven and determined to get where I want in life and know that there will be nothing stopping me.  I have administrative experience as well as free lance work with ASTROSHADEZ and White Rabbit Group.

I am currently running my own social media site(s).  

I would be a great asset to your team because I see more than just music in the Dance Culture. There are many beautiful things to our culture that a lot of people forget about.



  • creative
  • editing
  • microsoft works.
  • promoting
  • writing


White Rabbit Group

November 2014- Januaray 2015 Journalist

This was a Volunteer position where I wrote about these events called
Havoc Thursdays that WRG hosted at The Yost in downtown Santa Ana.

EDM Scoop

November 2013 Founder

I created this blog to help broadcast up and coming dj/producers and to give readers a different insight on the EDM Culture.
I would like more experience in booking/management.


11/2014-present writer

I do a lot of freelance work for astroshadez.
If you check their website out, you will see a couple different articles I’ve written for them.
I haven’t written anything recently due to trying to build my own site(s).