How to find a job in the music industry when you don’t live in Los Angeles or NYC.

Everyone and anyone who has been interested in working in the music industry has always heard one piece of information: you have to live in LA or NYC to find a job.

Well, what if you don’t? Or can’t?

Well, you’re in luck. Countless people have gotten their start outside of LA or NYC. If you think there aren’t solutions to this, think again. Search EDMJobs for Electronic Music Career opportunities by City/Location.

Here are some tried and true suggestions to kick start your career in the music industry.

Connect with music establishments in your area.

Areas of interest:

  • Local bars and clubs that host music acts.
    • Why? Working at a local venue, big or small cannot hurt. Performing music acts will have at least one contact who knows someone who knows someone. Exploit that. The more relentless you are, the more people you will meet and can connect with.
  • Recording studios.
    • Studios have connections to artists, their managers as well as record labels. Between these three, you could seek out a paid freelance gig, or at a minimum, a volunteer opportunity.
  • Music technology companies. Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, etc.
    • Music tech companies have branches such as “Artist Relations” that work directly with artists and their labels. They have contacts at music publishing companies, record labels and artist management firms. Jobs at music tech companies are easier to find because the companies are huge. (They actually have a “careers” page. Gasp.)

Go to local shows.

  • You will meet people are who passionate about music and concerts.
  • Learning how to connect with your local scene will be a stepping stone for connecting with the regional, national, etc scenes.
  • Music shows are a collection of event coordinators, music fans, the artists & their manager, and A/V guys.
  • Local shows are the best place to discover new music and hear firsthand about opportunities.

Start a blog.

  • While this may not be up your alley (while you read this on a blog) starting an outlet that is viewed as good place to find music, or music news can lead to a small income and connections. You can also be granted exclusive songs to promote for an artist and/or record label.
  • Some blogs even grow to the point where the founder receives all of his/her income from their blog.

Offer to promote an artist’s music.

  • I don’t mean from a blog standpoint. I mean be one of their personal promoters.
  • Maybe you know a music artist, maybe you don’t. Reach out to some artists and offer to promote their music to blogs or YouTube channels in exchange for something, or nothing.
  • Volunteering and building a relationship with an artist could pay huge dividends if the artist became popular.


  • Typically viewed as a site better for corporate opportunities, it never hurts to look at whats happening around you. Use their search function to identify what companies your connections work at.
  • Tip: If you went to college, use the “find alumni” tab under “Connect” to find fellow alumni in the music industry.

Be vocal about what you want

  • How can someone connect you to their music friend(s) if you never tell them what it is what you’re looking for?

Tough love:

  • You may not get the first job you apply for.
  • The process could take longer than you want it to. Persistence is key. (You’ve heard that a lot for a reason)
  • External research and education may be necessary. Use the Internet to teach yourself what you don’t know.
  • You may have to work for free for a period of time (sorry, that’s just how this industry is at lower levels).

Quick tips when networking

  • Create a Resume on our site and be seen. It’s as easy as pressing a connect button.
  • Ask to volunteer.
  • Ask who else you should talk to.
  • Have business card. The easier you can give out your information, the better. Obvious tip: Make your business cards standout.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up multiple times.

Reasons for optimism:

  • You could score the first opportunity you apply for.
  • What do you have to lose?
  • You could score your dream job.


Find each and every music related opportunity near you, because there is always to be gained, and there is always someone who can lead you to the right person.

In the Electronic Music Industry there is place for all types of people. Be sure to check out the open positions at EDMJobs to find the career that is right for you!

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