8 of the Most Interesting jobs in the EDM Industry


In the past few years we’ve seen a lot of new technologies becoming popular and entering in the Electronic Music world. With these new technologies and tools, the way to create and promote events as well as festivals has changed considerably. The best news is if you have always wanted to have a career connected to electronic music, more than ever, there is a lot of different opportunities for those who don’t identify themselves with the music production. Here are the eight most interesting jobs in the EDM industry.

If you like to travel, and experience Festivals and Clubs globally, then imagine the life of a Dj Tour Manager. Nonstop music, parties, cool cities, and working with other people who love this industry is your job. Tour managers have a strong knowledge of sound engineering and know how t handle setting up most Dj’s technical requirements. This is an essential skill, and can take you around the world.  However, If you don’t like flying, perhaps one of these other industry jobs is more your fancy!

The complexity of organizing events is huge! It’s necessary to think about the promotion, the lights, the sound, the visual concept, the repercussion and a lot of other important tasks.

To the artistic and creative people, for example, the right job can be the Graphic Artist/Web Designer. It’s possible to work in a lot of different sectors that make up the EDM world, what means that this person can create the logos for DJs and producers, logos for new clubs and events or still produce all kind of visual advertisements to parties and festivals.

But if you don’t have so much intimacy with visual creativity, another job that can be tempting is to be a Blogger. The people that write to the EDM blogs don’t have just their thoughts about music and events shared with the public, but several times they win credentials to cover the most popular parties and festivals that are really difficult to get tickets.

Having good knowledge about electronic music is not enough to be a good blogger. You must have a clear and coherent way of writing and be always tuned with all the news of this music culture, including the emerging artists, and who’s taking their careers to the next level!

When you are in a party or in a concert, one of the main important elements that makes you connect with the music, the people and the place is the lightning. The responsible for it is the Lighting Director, that must have great technical notions to find out the best way to dispose the artificial lighting at entertainment venues.

As you may know, DJs spend most of their time searching and discovering new music, traveling, Djing, and producing.. However, they need people to be their eyes and ears. This person is the Public Relations Director. These people are vital to lead the DJ’s career to the right way, making sure that all the important news of their clients get to the public knowledge and maintaining the good reputation of the artist.

To be a good public relations director you need to be in contact with the people of the electronic music world who are extremely active. Some tasks are managing a DJ’s schedule, plan events and write press releases.

More and more we can see different ways to promote an event, and one of them is the use of videos. if you are familiar with tools for video editing, maybe you should invest to be a Video Producer and Editor. They are the  responsible to create the people’s desire to attend an event and, even more, to give to the party people the perfect shape to their memories of an unforgettable event. This job requires a lot of creativity, editing skills and a good taste to choose the perfect soundtrack to the videos.

Another way to work with the images of an event is, obviously, being a Photographer. Besides circulate in most of VIP areas and backstages, this job gives the chance to get to know your favorite artists and several interesting people.

It’s not easy to capture the spirit of a party in one picture. With the right eye and much training a photo can translate not just what happened in a specific moment, but the feeling of the crowd too. Freelance photographers are becoming more and more a popular job and they can publish their pictures in different blogs, magazines and websites that cover the EDM world.

And, finally, we could not left out the dream job of a lot of party people: the Promoter. Everybody that goes to EDM events for a while already thought about create a new party. As a promoter, you will have the opportunity to help organize events and concerts.

To be a successful promoter you must have some skills like public relations, creativity, organization, advertising, and, the most important, the ability to relate with all kind of people. Unlike what many people believe, this is a job that requires a lot of effort and hard work.

In the Electronic Music Industry there is place for all types of people. Be sure to check out the open positions at https://edmjobs.com/find-a-job/ to find the career that is right for you!